Alongside our superb hotel services, Sierra Hotels maintains a range of conference centres. We are able to provide a conference venue to suit most requirements. Our conference centre units are well appointed. What’s more, they offer timeless, yet contemporary style.

Sierra Hotels maintains several rooms, with each suited to different sizes and requirements. These include larger conference venues as well as more personal boardrooms. Sierra Hotels also offers comprehensive services to meet your event needs.

You will find our conference centers located around Gauteng. Our Sierra Square, Sierra on Main, and Burgers Park branches all host a variety of venues. These locales are well placed. They effectively cover two of South Africa’s major cultural and business centres. As such, they are ideal for events of all kinds, business or otherwise.

In both locations, Sierra Hotels offers a conference venue to suite most needs. Our facilities include:


Our Pretoria conference centre hosts some of the most sophisticated facilities available. These facilities can also accommodate events of different sizes. These include larger venues that can host up to 350 delegates. They also include smaller boardrooms for smaller, more personal meetings.

Each venue is also equipped to provide some of the latest conferencing technologies:

  • The conference centres include screens for video and slideshow presentations. These are an effective tool in conveying pertinent information. They are a must for any meeting, conference, or other event.
  • We can supply stationery as needed to each conference guest. This includes flipcharts and pens (available in 4 colours) for meetings and events.
  • Sierra Hotels makes TV and DVD systems available as necessary.
  • The conference centre has a P/A system that comes with both a roving and fixed microphone.
  • The P/A system includes enough receivers for up to 30 attendees.

Our Burgers Park conference centres provide conveniences as standard when using our facilities:

  • We provide mints, water, and other snacks. Our staff will replenish them during any breaks.
  • We also provide enough note pads and pens for all attendees to use.
  • The conference venues include a catering service available on request. As an option, dedicated staff are set aside for the event. They cooking superb, healthy meals in enough quantities to please any event size we can handle.


Our Sierra Square and Sierra on Main conference centre is well located in Randburg. It is able to service most of Johannesburg thanks to its central location.

Like Burgers Park, there is a conference venue to suit a range of needs at our Randburg Branches:

  • 11 rooms to choose from.
  • The Condor conference venue is one of our largest. It can seat up to 400 attendees, depending on the needs of the event.
  • In the midrange, our Jasmin venue can seat anywhere from 18 to 50 guests.
  • Our individual boardrooms are ideal for smaller, more personal meetings. Each can seat up to 12 attendees.

Sierra Hotels retains a full-service team of reservationists, co-ordinators, and caterers. They will ensure that every event goes off smoothly and successfully. And outside of business functions, they are also able to cater for other events. These include banquets, cocktail parties, gala dinners, and other private functions.

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