Johannesburg Crime: Holiday Safety Tips for Travellers

Johannesburg is certainly an interesting place! But, despite the improving tourism sector, it still remains a dangerous place. When it comes to crime in Johannesburg, there are several unique dangers to be aware of. But, caution and safety awareness certainly won’t detract from your experience when visiting.

That said, below are Johannesburg safety tips that you should use on your visit. This will cover driving in the city itself, to keeping your wits and belongings on your person at all times. This, alongside other useful information, will ensure your safety in Johannesburg. Also remember: most crime occurs in outlying townships. Additionally, the majority of Joburgers are very friendly friendly and helpful.

Safety in Johannesburg when Driving

With the expansive size of Johannesburg, driving is the easiest way to get around. In avoiding crime in Johannesburg, it is usually best to drive with a passenger. But, if you are alone, or with someone, be wary of your surroundings and follow basic safety procedures. This is especially true when travelling, as hijacking and car muggings make up a lot of crime in Johannesburg.

One of the best holiday safety tips to follow is to keep your windows rolled up when your vehicle has stopped. Most of the time, you will just various wares from roadside merchants. But be aware that some opportunists will take the chance to run up and grab your valuables. This is an important Johannesburg safety tip to keep in mind.
Another good Johannesburg safety tip is to remain on main roads when driving at night. Drunk driving is an unfortunate reality in Johannesburg. Inebriated drivers use back roads as police presence is usually found on main roads. As such, taking back roads at night puts you at a higher risk of chancing a motor accident with them.

Dealing With Theft

When dealing with Johannesburg crime related to theft, wariness is important. But, preventative measures are essential, too. For example, keeping your valuables out of plain sight is a smart course of action. Many offenders will not be afraid to smash windows to grab what they think may be very valuable. So, keep purses, wallets, and electronics out of sight whenever possible. Johannesburg crime is an unfortunate reality, so be sure to take the necessary steps!

One of the best holiday safety tips for driving in Johannesburg is also to drive with caution. Maintain good spacing, keep your speed moderate, and always check your blind spots. Unfortunately, road accident levels are quite high. What’s more, many drivers tend to follow their own driving rules. Avoid accidents by taking extra measures when driving.

Avoiding Crime in Johannesburg when Walking

If you’re looking to soak in the sights and sounds of the city by taking a stroll, remain aware of your surroundings. Much Johannesburg crime occurs outdoors and on the streets. As such, it’s always a good idea to walk with someone, as criminals are more likely to target people that are alone. The victims of Johannesburg crime are often those that are alone and vulnerable.

To assure your safety in Johannesburg, be aware of certain no-go zones. You should avoid areas such as Hillbrow, Joubert Park, and Berea at all times. The Yeoville and Observatory areas are safer if you have someone to walk around with. The areas best for safety in Johannesburg are definitely Melville, Rosebank, and Parktown. But, do your best to not get caught anywhere at night alone.

If you’re confident walking in risky areas, take precautions for your Johannesburg safety. Study your route beforehand, avoid street corners, and try to stick to busier areas. For your Johannesburg safety, don’t walk around with luggage or an excessive amount of valuables. Also avoid groups of young men, as these are the primary culprits when it comes to street crime.

As holiday safety tips go, try to avoid public transport such as busses and trains if possible. as while crime doesn’t occur on them often, it is still possible. Where possible, try to use an Uber or a private taxi.

Police and Private Guard Presence

You cannot usually rely on police forces to keep you safe from crime in Johannesburg. They have priorities over the safety of tourists. But, South Africa is home to one of the largest private security sectors in the world. Security personnel are identifiable by items such as high visibility jackets or uniforms. They assist hugely with controlling and reducing crime in Johannesburg.

Private security presence is prevalent, and often stationed on street corners. They go a long way towards reducing and controlling Johannesburg crime. This is useful if you’re looking to avoid Johannesburg crime. Additionally, they are generally helpful and friendly. So, for concerns or directions, approaching them for help is advisable.

Sierra Hotels, Where Safety is a Priority

Sierra Hotels, alongside providing comfort for guests, take measures in providing for their safety as well. High walls with electric fencing surround the property of our Randburg branch. 24 Hour guards are also on station at the property at all times. Finally, there is an access-controlled parking area. This ensures that only guests have access to their own vehicles.


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