Things to Do This Weekend in Johannesburg at Night

You may live in Johannesburg or are visiting for awhile. Chances are, though, that you’re be looking for an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the local nightlife. Johannesburg nightlife is vibrant, lively, and exciting. It boasts an impressive range of bars, nightclubs, and also other places to visit.
Nightlife in Johannesburg offers opportunities to relax, especially after finishing a long day. You may want a few cocktails or even let loose on the dance floor until the early hours. There is everything from night clubs in Johannesburg to bars and Johannesburg. As such, below is a list of unmissable destinations to visit and things to do this weekend.

Mix Cocktail Bar, Classing Up Johannesburg’s Nightlife

If you’re feeling dapper and are looking for the right spot to show it off, the Mix Cocktail Bar is the spot for you. Found in Rosebank, it offers contemporary art and a menu selection that oozes class. And, the venue releases a new cocktail on a monthly basis. This is certainly a classy part of Johannesburg nightlife.
The venue boasts gorgeous views with minimalist furniture. There are very few places better to unwind in style. On top of this, the artworks are constantly updated, making each visit a unique one. If you’re looking for Johannesburg nightlife, Mix allows you to do it up in style.

The Hide Out Bar, Nightlife in Johannesburg With History

The Hide Out is an incredibly unique experience. This bar is highly popular with backpackers and locals alike. This isn’t just another one of the bars in Johannesburg. Indeed, much of its inspiration comes from the building’s history. Years ago, it served as a hideout for anti-apartheid leaders. It was even equipped with a printing press for anti-apartheid literature.
The bar boasts a lot of local entertainment. Afro-psychedelic grunge bands are a favourite, alongside street art events, and more. This is just a part of the fun here. If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, The Hide Out Bar should be high up on anybody’s list.

Carfax, One of the Best Nightclubs in Johannesburg

Carfax is certainly one of the best clubs in Johannesburg. Indeed, when it comes to Johannesburg’s nightlife, Carfax is a strong contender as a cultural hub of the city. It has hosted a great many local performers, DJs, artists, and other musicians.
The history of the club is one that is diverse and offers a bit of everything to suit different tastes. If you’re looking for more than a mere night out, Carfax is the ticket. It’s one of the more unforgettable nightclubs in Johannesburg.

Kong, The Ultimate Electro Venue

Kong is an unmatched nightclub with strong urban vibes. It offers a different experience on different days. The owner has years of experience in the industry. Having owned other clubs across Johannesburg.
If it’s Johannesburg nightlife you’re looking for, Kong offers Urban beats. These grace its dancefloor every Friday, with Electro Dance on Saturdays. Ask anybody who’s out every weekend where to find a good place to party, and they’ll be certain to mention Kong.

Rumours Lounger

Well known as a premier entertainment venue, Rumours Lounge is host to a wide variety of music and events. You may find yourself in or around the Randburg area. That being the case, Rumours lounge is the definitive nightlife in Johannesburg experience.
The whole reason that Rumours Lounge started was to promote South African musicians. Fans of Rock ‘n Roll, Indie, Blues, Metal, Electro, and much more will find their home here. The great prices on their drinks is also a big plus, and ensures that the venue is one of the best bars in Johannesburg.

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