Johannesburg Tourism: Interesting Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions

Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozi. The City of Gold boasts many tourist attractions, freely available to all that wish to visit. Of all the places to visit, each of these places also Johannesburg offers unique perspectives. Indeed, Johannesburg Tourism has variety and richness to match its age. In fact, the places of interest in Johannesburg should be on just about everyone’s bucket list!

Your options of places to go in Johannesburg are many. And, depending on the length of your stay, you’ll be able to see many of them before your trip back! This article covers some of these places to go in Johannesburg. Each is interesting, informative, enriching, and just plain fun!

These places of interest in Johannesburg have great variety. From the enlightening Apartheid Museum to the immense fun found at Gold Reef City Theme Park. These are a mere few of the places of interest in Johannesburg. Thus, read on to make the most out of your Johannesburg trip!


Gold Reef City, a Fun-Filled Amusement Park


Gold Reef City is one of the more fun places to go in Johannesburg. What’s more, this amusement park is actually located on a closed gold mine. It incorporates much of its original equipment and building for an authentic feel. This is to say nothing of the many roller-coasters and attractions available! For a day of adrenaline and casual fun, this is one of the best places to go in Johannesburg.

The Tower of Terror offers an exciting vertical drop into an underground shaft. The Anaconda Roller-coaster is a twisting mass of high speed rails. The Miner’s revenge rotates wildly, and is sure to raise the hairs on your arm.

For the more cultural and historic-minded, there are many other attractions. This slice of Johannesburg tourism offers underground mining tours. These recount some fateful accidents of the mine, and also other fascinating history. Gold Reef is a defining, unique experience of Johannesburg tourism unlike any other.


Enriching Places to Visit, like The Apartheid Museum


Those eager to soak up our recent history will find what they’re looking for at the Apartheid Museum. As one of the places to visit in Johannesburg, it immortalises a rocky period in our history. Here also, guides will recount the events and occasions that cemented our mark on the modern world. It is one of the sombre, humbling, and yet hopeful places to visit in Johannesburg.

This is the first institution to document the rise and fall of apartheid. It also offers in-depth tours, film, photographs, accounts, and artifacts to learn about. These all paint a picture of the historic events that took place in South Africa. Thus, it remains one of our most popular tourist attractions. It’s also one of the most important places of interest in Johannesburg.


Montecasino, One of The Places to Go for Casual Leisure


If you’re in Fourways, Montecasino is one of the places to visit with something for everyone. Modelled after the look and feel of the Italian town that is it’s namesake, it offers a bustling casino. Entertainers are many, ensuring excitement in one of Joburg’s busiest places to visit.

Not in a gambling mood? One of Montecasino’s tourist attractions is a state-of-the-art movie complex. This, aside from its other many tourist attractions. The theatre presents shows of the home brew variety and those of international fame. Window shoppers will feel welcome, too. Montecasino has a sprawling shopping complex built into the “town” to add atmosphere.

All these various attractions have added greatly to the value of Johannesburg tourism. Additionally, most recognise Montecasino as such.


Many of Places of Interest in Johannesburg


As seen, Johannesburg Tourism is its own slice of life. Offering an unparalleled look into the city that you won’t find anywhere else. The sheer number of places to visit also cannot be properly expressed in a single article. Indeed, they can only be truly experienced in person.

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