Johannesburg Travel: What to Know When You Visit Johannesburg

Visiting Johannesburg is a unique and unmissable experience, unmissable. Relatively recently, Johannesburg has been breaking out of its older reputation. Crime remains an issue, but observing good safety guidelines minimises risk in your travel to Johannesburg.

Once you’ve landed and checked in to your Johannesburg Hotel, be sure to experience the city! There are the people in Johannesburg, quirky culture, markets, museums and much more. Your visit here will be an unforgettable one, and it will make you wish for a longer stay.

As such, below we have included a list of what to know and what to do during your Johannesburg Travel. We begin with the people in Johannesburg.

People in Johannesburg, Quirky, Open, and Fun-Loving

Johannesburg, and South Africa as a whole, is a place where people are as open to new experiences as the tourists. People in Johannesburg can be as open to a chat, or as respectful of personal space as you are. Don’t be afraid to chat to the locals. Chances are, you’ll find that half an hour has passed. In that time, you’ll have learned a dozen new things about us that you had no idea about before. This makes it all the more worth it to visit Johannesburg.

When you visit Johannesburg, expect to hear different opinions on everything. If it’s perspective you want, visiting Johannesburg is the place to go to get hundreds of them.

The Market Scene, a Reason to Travel to Johannesburg

After having checked in to your Johannesburg hotel, one of the first things to do is visit one of its many markets. The market scene is vibrant, and provides a fun alternative to our shopping malls. A massive array of what you’ll see is locally produced. From the fresh cuisine and coffee, to the locally produced fashion. All these are mere minutes away from your Johannesburg hotel.

When visiting Johannesburg, no matter where you stay, chances are that there’s a market near you. The Bryanston Organic Market has been around forever, offering locally produced goods. Market on Main, in Maboneng, sells almost everything you may be looking for on your trip. The Fox Market Shed also offers great food, and is also a live music venue with great local talent. Our markets make visiting Johannesburg a fantastic experience.

Indeed, when on your Johannesburg travel, the markets remain one of its defining characteristics. Culture and life in the sprawling city. What’s more, the people in Johannesburg will only enhance that.

Visiting Town, a Must See when Visiting Johannesburg

When you visit Johannesburg, be sure to visit the original business district. If you’re looking for directions, you can simply tell a local that you’re going to “town”. Chances are they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about, and give you precise directions to get there. Visiting Johannesburg isn’t a complete experience without checking out the city itself.

When you visit Johannesburg, take a stroll walk on Commissioner Street from top to bottom. It remains historically and culturally important to South Africa’s history. This road has such attractions as the Arts on Main district and the ever popular Market Theatre. There are also various former prisons that gained notoriety during apartheid.

Dotted along this route will be restaurants, curio stands, and bits of local history. These make for an altogether complete experience when visiting Johannesburg.

Soweto, an Unforgettable Stop on Your Johannesburg Travel

People in Johannesburg will be certain to recommend a visit to Soweto. Soweto (Or South Western Township) is one of the more historic areas of Johannesburg. This due to its important position in apartheid history. It served as a center of demonstrations and political resistance during apartheid. But, the Soweto of then is in stark contrast to the Soweto of now. Many people in Johannesburg would recommend a visit for the experiences it offers.

While staying at your Johannesburg hotel, be sure to take the time to visit Soweto. It offers such experiences as the local cuisine or a visit to Nelson Mandela’s home on Vilakasi Street. Additionally, the old and decommissioned Orlando Cooling towers serves as the primary landmark. Nowadays, there is a restaurant below it with local food and drink. The towers themselves now serve as a bungee-jumping attraction. All these are a short drive away from your Johannesburg hotel.

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