Our Top 5 Restaurants in Pretoria

Are you on your way to Pretoria or planning a visit in future? If so, then chances are you’re also looking for some of the finest restaurants in Pretoria to improve your visit. That said, Finding decent restaurants in Pretoria is quite simple. The variety in our restaurant scene, though, means that you might lost on where to start.
There are many choices when it comes to deciding where to eat in Pretoria. Are you looking for a steakhouse? Indian cuisine? Fine Dining? Italian? The choices are many, but the time you can dedicate to eating out in Pretoria is short. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the top Pretoria restaurants that you can’t miss out on. Each offering a unique dining experience, and also contributing to your unforgettable stay. The top 5 restaurants in Pretoria begins with an African entry.

La Terrasse Rooftop Café and Deli, Restaurants in Pretoria with African Style

Looking to really dive into the African experience? La Terrassa is one of the finest restaurants in Pretoria with many diverse offerings. Meat lovers are well catered for. Though, the restaurant also boasts vegetarian and vegan dishes. Expect each one to be as satisfying as the last.
The selection on offer is wide and diverse. With such dishes as a selection of delicious mezes, with mains cooked in clay tagines. For dessert, try their unique rosewater cheesecake. Those looking for excellent places to eat in Pretoria need not look further than La Terrasse.

Geet Indian Restaurant, Places to Eat in Pretoria with True Indian Taste

You might be looking for a true taste of India outside of India. That being the case, don’t settle for anything less than this award-winning restaurant. Geet is family run, with the owner being none other than Gita Jivan, one of South Africa’s most celebrated chefs. This locale answers the question of where to eat in Pretoria.
The restaurant is distinctly Indian. Yet, it manages to be innovative and creative with its menu. It also uses fresh and natural seasonal flavours. All put together in a way that only a mastery of Indian cuisine can truly allow. This makes eating out in Pretoria a genuine and exhilarating experience. This goes especially for the food lovers out there.

Alfie’s Pizzeria, Where to Eat in Pretoria for a Laid-Back Italian Feel

There’s a good reason that Alfie’s Pizzeria is one of our top 5 restaurants in Pretoria. It offers a variety of starters and light meals. Though the centerpiece is of course the selection of classic Italian pies.
Choose from between the focaccia, pizze rosse, pizze beanche, and the calzone. Expect a distinct, and genuine Italian flavour in each. Additionally, another favourite is the capricciosa. This is a pizza topped with mozzarella, ham, olives, artichokes, and mushrooms. This restaurant dedicates itself to its wood-burning oven. Which earns it a place as one of the top Pretoria restaurants.

Hillside Tavern, Eating Out in Pretoria at One of its Finest Grill-Houses

If you need a true grilled experience, then then Hillside Tavern is one of the best restaurants in Pretoria for you. Indeed, this grill-house has earned its well-deserved reputation. With outstanding steaks, and a menu to match, it offers an unforgettable experience.
It has an impressive wine list, with simple and outstanding signature dishes. Additionally, the restaurant’s environment is cozy with its dark lighting, retro décor, and wooden ceilings. For those wanting a laid-back dining experience, this is one of the best places to eat in Pretoria.

Restaurant Mosaic, One of the Top Pretoria Restaurants for Fine Dining

If you’re wondering where to eat in Pretoria for a fine dining experience, go to Restaurant Mosaic. The owner is award-winning chef Chantell Dartnall. What’s more, he personally sees the patrons and explains the menu items. The restaurant also offers wines that are both impressive and unique.
The dishes themselves are spectacular. They grab European inspiration and combine that with elements of nature. Thus, every dish uses the very best seasonal produce. Additionally, it’s all backed by an atmosphere derived from art nouveau style. If it’s fine dining you want, look towards Restaurant Mosaic, one of the top Pretoria restaurants.

Sierra Hotels, Dedicated to Dining and Accommodating You

Sierra Hotels has a passion for all things culinary. It also dedicates itself towards the comfort of our guests. Our own culinary staff and on-premises restaurant thus offer an excellent menu. In combination with our well-appointed rooms, this means you are in good hands with us in Pretoria.

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