Pretoria Tourism

Pretoria, or as it’s also known, Jacaranda City, is one of our largest metropolises. With this status, comes the incredible Pretoria Tourism. Indeed, it’s former reputation as “Snore City” has long since changed. There are many places to see in Pretoria, and places to visit in Pretoria. The city has cultivated its own unique vibe and culture. Thus, there are many attractions in Pretoria and entertainment in Pretoria for visitors.

Culturally and historically, Pretoria has grown a highly unique identity. Pretoria tourism offers an experience unlike any other. There are many varied places to see in Pretoria, each offering their own experiences.
You may be looking for entertainment in Pretoria and attractions in Pretoria. You could also be looking for something more informative and enlightening. Either way, this article will cover some of the best places to visit in Pretoria during your stay.

The Voortrekker Monument: A Signature of Pretoria Tourism

The Voortrekker Monument is one of the most important places to see in Pretoria. It has been one of the city’s defining symbols for many decades. Its construction concluded in 1949, in honour of the Voortrekkers. These brave souls travelled from the Cape into the heart of what is now Africa. For a historic and cultural landmark, it is one of the definitive places to see in Pretoria.

As one of the attractions in Pretoria, the monument has a few key features. The stone wall surrounding the building has 64 wagons carved in a defensive circle. The building itself bears the face of an Afrikaner hero on each of its four corners. Located at the top of the building, accessed via elevator or stairs, is a fantastic view of the city. These make it one of the more breathtaking attractions in Pretoria.

Occasionally, the Voortrekker monument hosts various events and shows. Be sure to keep a lookout for these, they make for great entertainment in Pretoria. These events vary greatly, and there is bound to be one that suits your tastes. Indeed, this fact makes a fine addition to the entertainment in Pretoria available.

The Pretoria Art Museum: Cultured Places to Visit in Pretoria

Those with an eye for art, especially African arty, need not look further than The Pretoria Art Museum. This museum stands as a defining feature of Pretoria tourism. The museum opened in 1964, and is home to artworks that span over decades of our history. The museum stands out as a cultural beacon of Pretoria tourism.

What makes this museum one of the prime attractions in Pretoria is, of course, the artworks. It’s home to works from artists of many different creeds. As such, it will appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences. Works from Irma Stern, JH Pierneef, and Gerard Sekoto grace its walls and floors. Truly, the museum offers much to those seeking attractions in Pretoria.

Aside from its permanent collection, the museum has a reference library as well. It also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions of works from various artists. These artists are both up-and-coming, and famous on the local and international scene.

Many Places in Pretoria to See and Experience

There is much more to discover about Pretoria than this article mentions. There are points of interest, lively nightlife, and even more rich history and culture. Visit Pretoria to see, hear, and feel it all first-hand.