Weather in Johannesburg – What to Wear During Your Visit

You may be preparing to visit Johannesburg. You’ve got your ticket, your booking for a hotel in Johannesburg, and all the other essentials. Now, you may be thinking you’ll just need some T-shirts and shorts. After all, it is Africa, right? Johannesburg weather must be either warm or hot all the time, right? Many make this incorrect assumption. Indeed, weather in Johannesburg can vary quite widely, depending on the season. So, when staying at one of the hotels in Johannesburg, preparedness is crucial!


Weather in Johannesburg, and Gauteng as a whole, is much drier than the coastal provinces. Thanks to this, Johannesburg weather doesn’t get much humidity. You can attribute this to the higher altitude of the city. Its summers are hot and sunny, while winters are cold and dry.

Johannesburg Weather Throughout the Year

If you visit Johannesburg during summer, you can expect warm and manageable temperatures. These temperatures will sit anywhere between 26-32 degrees Celsius. So, be sure to spend your day off at your hotel in Johannesburg near the poolside! These days are perfect for short sleeved shirts, shorts, and a cap.


Winters differ quite greatly from our summers. As you might expect, mornings are very chilly, warming up to 15-20 degrees by the afternoon. A day off at our hotels in Johannesburg are probably better spent in a warm restaurant or at the bar. Johannesburg weather in the winter usually calls for a thick jersey in the mornings.


Weather in Johannesburg is often best known for its huge electrical storms. This is especially true in the Summer, when you can expect a shower and lightning on most afternoons. While they mostly last just an hour or two, it’s best to bring an umbrella when you visit Johannesburg.

What to Wear When You Visit Johannesburg in Summer

When visiting your hotel in Johannesburg, it’s best to pack lightweight clothing. Bring a wide brimmed hat or cap, swimming gear, shorts, and skirts. Light dresses are also recommended, as well as T-shirts (You’ll be wearing these daily). As for swimming towels, you should bring your own, but many hotels in Johannesburg also provide them.


You should always bring comfortable walking shoes, regardless of the weather in Johannesburg. The city’s many attractions make these shoes important for comfort when walking around. Due to the sometimes unpredictable Johannesburg weather, it’s a good idea to bring an umbrella and light raincoat.

What to Bring with You to Your Hotel in Johannesburg during Winter

When you visit Johannesburg in Winter, expect a lot of days to be very cold, sometimes icy. Here, be sure to bring layers to your hotel in Johannesburg. Warm pants, long-sleeved shirts, jerseys, and jackets are the absolute essentials.


Also bring scarves, hats, and gloves for those particularly chilly days. Warm boots and thick shoes are also important. Finally, bring an umbrella and a raincoat for those occasional days when rain does occur in winter.

Sierra Hotels, Some of the Finest Hotels in Johannesburg

It’ll be on you to ensure you bring the right wardrobe to Johannesburg during your visit. But, the Sierra hotels in Johannesburg will do their part, as well. We will ensure your comfort to the best of our ability.

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