Eat in Johannesburg: The Best Spots for International and South African Cuisine

When visiting South Africa, the country’s diversity love of food means several things. First, South African foods are as diverse as its people. Second, South African cuisine experiences are as unique and delicious as the last. Finally, local restaurants in Johannesburg bring them all together into a single city.
We will touch on some these, from wholesome soul food to fine dining in Johannesburg. Any restaurant in Johannesburg will tell a story with taste and much more. This article will answer the question of where to eat in Johannesburg. For those of different tastes, and those seeking a diverse dining experience, read on.

Going Native: Local Restaurants with South African Cuisine

Starting off with South African foods, these are an experience that nobody should miss out on. From all around the continent, there is a restaurant to suit ever taste.
It’s easy to find out where to eat in Johannesburg if you’re looking for local flavour. Moyo, in Melrose Arch, is one such place for fine dining in Johannesburg. This excellent menu showcases foods from all around Africa. From Somalian rice cakes to Karoo lamb and chickpea, these are true African dishes. Each meal is unique, and the restaurant itself has a distinct African vibe.
Those looking for South African foods should head down to the Roving Bantu Kitchen. This spot offers a hearty, yet vibey atmosphere. What’s more, the meals are unforgettable. Cheese and spinach samosas or sugar-bean curry with mango atchar are some of your choices. Don’t miss out on this spectacular restaurant in Johannesburg.

A Touch of Portugal: South African Foods with European Roots

Ask anyone in Johannesburg and they’re likely to tell you how much we love Portuguese food. It is very well appreciated, and has an interesting local heritage. Indeed, many consider it to be among the finest of South African Foods.
For Portuguese fine dining in Johannesburg, look towards the 1920 Portuguese Restaurant. Found in Randburg, this spot serves hearty, traditional Madeiran cuisine. Their best meals include flaming chorizo and trinchado with garlic sauce. For many, their top tier menu item is the oven-braised lamb covered in a tomato and onion gravy.
There’s a restaurant in Johannesburg for everybody, including the budget minded. Keep in mind, affordability does not take away from the experience as a whole. Driving down to Blairgowie, you’ll find a tucked away family-run restaurant called J’s Diner. Outside of it’s reasonable prices, the Mozambican Portuguese meals speak for themselves.

Going USA: Find Your Restaurant in Johannesburg with American Delicacies

Pining for a taste of the Western World? Well, visitors and tourists alike will find a new taste experience in what the US has to offer from our very own home. There is a lot more than one restaurant in Johannesburg offering North American food. Additionally, each offers their own delicious twist.
You might want the staples of the Southern States from our local restaurants. If that’s the case, look no further than Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Shack in Fourways. Pork and beef ribs are their speciality, accompanied with different sides on any day. The desserts also follow a US theme. Peach cobbler and sweet potato pie are some of their finest dishes.
The Countess, is another restaurant with US inspired cuisine and popular culture. Anst as much as the food, the restaurant itself boasts an unique atmosphere for patrons. Enjoy traditional US dishes with a local South African cuisine twist. All this, with a steampunk theme.

Fine Dining in Johannesburg: Upper Class Eating for Upper Class Tastes

Looking to enjoy beautifully sorted dishes? Why not inside a building boasting designer architecture and the latest décor? Fine dining in Johannesburg is just a few streets away from wherever you are. Indeed, incredible food awaits patrons in an equally classy atmosphere.
Those looking for delightfully smoky dishes should head over to Marble, in Rosebank. This restaurant in Johannesburg offers delightful architecture alongside modern dishes. Enjoy fried fish with shellfish, or pork neck with grilled pineapple offer, to name a few.
Luke Dale Roberts is another unmissable restaurant offering fine dining in Johannesburg. Found at the Saxon, the lighting, tables, and wooden floors provide for a very cosy atmosphere. These enhance the South African foods and other international dishes on offer. All the produce is grown on site, and every ingredient is impressively fresh.

Sierra Hotels, Accommodation With a Love of South African Cuisine

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